With Cecile leading last week’s episode, it was no doubt another member of Team Flash will take the lead in this one besides Barry, Iris, and Caitlin. It seems quite obvious: shuffling between each of their story arcs and culminating with an intersection during the finale is a great choice. In the previous episode of The Flash, Chester bluntly tells Barry to take a vacation with Iris, so the Allens are out of action in this episode. But thanks to Sue’s last-minute stall in Central City, Team Flash won’t be entirely alone.

Chester forgets to clean up after a game of D&D in THE FLASH S7E14; Photo: The CW

No matter how much Chester tries to bond with Team Flash, he always seems to be left alone. When he invites the Team for Dungeons and Dragons, they all take a rain check to follow leads of their own.

Joe begins an under-the-table investigation on Kramer, the interim captain, after his resignation. After finding a disturbing lead, he contemplates confronting her for explanations about leading a task force into a trap. Meanwhile, Allegra is following her lead to track down Esperanza aka Ultraviolet, her meta cousin who used to previously work for the Black Hole as an assassin. After finally coming pretty close, Ultraviolet attacks her and warns Team Flash not to get in her way. Sue knows about Ultraviolet’s tactics and warns Allegra that people can’t be changed when it’s too late, even then she refuses to let her only family go.

So the three of them set out to bring her into S.T.A.R. Labs before she executes her ‘plan’ that nobody is aware of. At the site Ultraviolet attacks a doctor, but Allegra and Sue reach before she could kill him and set him free. Later they find out the doctor was in fact the same doctor who experimented on Ultraviolet, turning her into a ‘monster’ without a voice. He removed her voice box during his experiments for unknown reasons and she’s out for revenge.

Ultraviolet reveals the scars on her neck left by the doctor who experimented on her in THE FLASH S7E14; Photo: The CW

Allegra convinces Sue and Chester to help Ultraviolet in bringing down the doctor, Sue still doesn’t trust her but helps them anyway. While training Allegra in using her light-controlling powers, Ultraviolet loses her calm and accidentally attacks Chester. From the beginning of this episode, Chester has only been getting attacked at, and he’s always wearing some kind of hand or arm support to heal. Can we just cut him some slack? Poor guy.

After Chester’s attack, Ultraviolet escapes S.T.A.R. Labs and ventures out alone to kill the doctor but when she finds him, both of them strike a rather strange deal: a cure for her voice in return for Team Flash’s death. So when Allegra arrives on the scene, Ultraviolet attacks her while Sue has a fight-off against the doctor’s guards. It turns out that Allegra didn’t need Sue’s help, she finally channels her light source like Ultraviolet and overpowers her.

A side note: the title of this episode is called ‘Rayo de Luz‘ which loosely translates to resquicio de esperanza or ‘silver lining’ or ‘light ray’ from Spanish. Isn’t that a nice wordplay: rescue Esperanza? Also, Lightray is a comic book character who first appeared in New Gods: Godhead #1! There’s no actual reference to anything else beyond this but hey, who doesn’t like fun facts!

Kramer and her brother in THE FLASH S7E14; Photo: The CW

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin assures Ultraviolet can be cured. Team Flash does it again, the doctor gets arrested and everyone is safe. In a parallel arc, Joe finally confronts Kramer who reveals the task force failure and that her brother, not related by blood, was in charge of the team. Ever since then, she’s been trying to track him down but all in vain. Now with Joe’s help off the record, she wants to bring justice to all those who lost their lives in that task force mission.

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