On Friday, DC Comics Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee tweeted out a mysterious image, announcing something called “#Rebirth.”  Speculation ran wild immediately.  Now that we’ve had a few days to ruminate on the potential creative, administrative, and universal changes coming to the home of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, Brandon and I have sat down to have a chat about DC’s new leaf.  Could their new initiative be more than just a simple renumbering?  Could it be more than just a new Secret Wars?  Could it really, truly, launch a DC Universe that looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before?  Find out, on this week’s Podcorn Podcast.


Show Notes

00:58– Show Begins!

03:00– A new beginning for DC Marketing?

05:15– What’s DC Rebirth’s angle?  Is it just another relaunch event ala Convergence or Secret Wars?  Something more?  Perhaps a return to…old numbering???

08:30– Would re-numbering leave the New 52 feeling irrelevant?

15:00– “It would be a relaunch to end all relaunches.”

17:30– How intentionally are Convergence and Multiversity establishing pre-New 52 Canon?

21:15– Now is the time to relaunch, in the name of corporate synergy with Suicide Squad and Supergirl!  Right?!

25:50– How do you design a backlist for new readers?

30:00– What would a post-Rebirth slate of new talent look like?

34:45– Yup Brandon , it was Adam Strange: Planet Heist with words by Andy Diggle and Art by Pascal Ferry

41:00– Do the standout arcs of a run come from the beginning, the middle, or the end?  Is Rebirth smoke and mirrors, or is it a New Hope?

45:22– What really made All-New All-Different Marvel the success that it was?  Could DC emulate that with Rebirth?  Do we, as readers, care about whether or not series relaunch every year anymore?  Are we inured to it?  Should we even, perhaps, embrace it?

48:40– A different way of thinking about the backlog problem.

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  1. “45:22– What really made All-New All-Different Marvel the success that it was?”

    It seems like the jury’s still out on whether ANAD was a success or not. I’ve not actually seen anyone try and prove it mathematically one way or the other but it seems the general mood is that ANAD is arriving with a thud.

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