After all that hullabaloo, Belgian artist Herman Huppen, aka Hermann  has won the award no one wanted, the 2016 Grand Prix. Hermann beat out Alan Moore and Claire Wendling for the dubious honor. Nominated many times before, the grumpy creator of Jeremiah has often said he wouldn’t accept the award in the past, but out of everyone on the list, he’s perhaps the most fitting and prominent name on the list of Franco-Belgian creators who were originally submitted. 

Although the official awards won’t be made until Sunday, news of the award leaked all over the place earlier today, just as the actual Angouleme festival kicks off tomorrow. 

While this is truly a “no award” kind of win, under the circumstances, Hermann is the best outcome to be expected, as his place in the industry assures him that his bond fides won’t be questioned endlessly. 



  1. There are still a few (very few) Hermann books available in english. Do a search for “Hermann” at Amazon and you’ll find some Dark Horse editions still in print (the Trilogy USA book is very good). Maybe Dark Horse should try and publish the remainder of his Bois-Maury and Jeremiah series in english now?

    Sadly, the sole comic series Wendling did is unavailable in english (or pretty much any language besides french).as are her very nice illustration books. Her Lumières de l’Amalou would easily fit a 200 page volume, so an enterprising US publisher wouldn’t have much trouble putting it out. With a bit extra work they could fit ALL her comics production (that series and a few short stories) in a single “Claire Wendling Omnibus” of 250 pages or so.

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