So Play Doh made a thing called the Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset that allowed you to mold inedible Play-Doh into the shape of luscious cakes. It all seemed like innocent fun.

Once you’ve made your pretend cakes, it’s time to decorate. You can start by squeezing out some Play-Doh Plus frosting with the extruder. Try adding 2 colors for fun swirls! Add Play-Doh candies and other fun shapes with over 20 half-molds on the playset. You can even use them to decorate the playset itself. Top off your Play-Doh birthday cake extravaganza with the 6 included candles, then serve your pretend treats to your friends on the 2 plates!

But it turns out the “Plus” comes with extra lovin’. It is often best to “pretend” around this treat.

Did no one notice that this looked like a penis? Especially as it extruded pale frosting all over your pretend cake? Our guess is that designing Play-Doh accessories is lonely work, the smell of the factory gets you high and people just get carried away.

Of course this is not the only dubious, genitally-questionable toy. There was the Dora The Explorer Aquarium that looked like a micro-penis with Dora the Explorer floating inside:

We had a whole gallery of toys and comics with exploding junk here, but this Batman water pistol remains a favorite:

And of course, toys that pee and poo have a long, honored tradition, like Barbie’s dog that pooped brown stuff and then ate it so it could poop again:

And Barbie also had a kitten that wee’d. And our all time favorite, Potty Training Kelly.

But while researching this post, we found the motherlode, as it were, a whole site called that is just too good to be true:

Huge selection of pooping dog at great prices. Shop pooping dog now!

To which we can only add:


  1. And who could forget such classics as the Harry Potter vibrating broom, and the Punisher Shape Shifter (he’s got a big gun!)

  2. Given that real frosting extruders exist that look nothing like penises, this pretty much has to be intentional.

  3. Did anyone see the new Christmas toys segment on Letterman recently with the toy “cat’s paw”? Anna Kendrick was the next guest and commented on it looking like a dildo disguised as a cat toy and Dave brought it back out to play with again. The paw also bent at the tip when a button was pushed on the grip so the cat could find the g-spot? Somebody must have put this on YouTube by now, right?

  4. People are so worried about the toy’s that are made now day’s that may or may not look like part of the human body. That most of them voted and watch a walking penis with huge ears that’s so called a President of the United States of America. I dont need any feedback from any liberals. Thank you.

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