We Were Wrong Dept: While reporting on Barbie and Tanner, the amazing crapping toy, yesterday, we mentioned that the Teresa and Mika cat-themed playset does not come with cat turds. It turns out that it doesn’t, but it does come with piddle.

Teresa doll has an adorable cat named Mika who is just like a real cat! Mika can drink some water from a bottle and then wets in her litter box. Teresa scoops up the litter clumps. Teresa doll and Mika come with a kitty litter box, bottle, cat litter in a variety of colors, litter scooper, cat food bowl and cat toys. Teresa doll measures 12″ tall.

The product information also notes that the toy is intended for “ages 3-14” which might be a bit over-optimistic, we think. Any 14-year-old who has nothing better to do than sift pretend cat pee clumps from a tiny litter box has more problems than we can solve.

Barbie also comes with a horse, so there may be no end to Mattel’s line of toys that poop and pee.

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  1. but of course, barbie’s s**t doesn’t stink. or even exist.

    i don’t want it to, either. but it’s strange that the pet piddles but the owner doesn’t…

  2. My daughter has a set of pet hospital toys and most of the small animals in that will take a pee after being bottle fed water. At 5 she finds it absolutely hilarious.

  3. dude, did u see the commercial that has the baby peeing on the mother, and she’s sitting there laughing! yea rite! if anything, she should be pissed off, cause she was pissed on!

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