200609261251Rick Remender, Tony Moore and Jerome Opena move their book FEAR AGENT from Image to Dark Horse, a move a couple of books have made recently, but one that Image’s creator oriented publishing deal allows. Remender talks about the move at CBR:

:”The move is a business decision based on things that we’re going to keep quiet about,” he said. “We all love and respect both companies very much. Dark Horse gave Jerome Opena and I our first big penciling gigs and Image gave me my first big writing gigs and Tony his first big penciling gig, they have both been supportive and wonderful to us all. Though I will not go into many details about the move I hope to stop any speculations before they begin, this move is not because of any ill-will toward Image Comics. In fact Kieron Dwyer, ‘Fear Agent’ co-creator Tony Moore and I have a new ongoing series, ‘XXXOMBIES’ launching at Image in February. Everyone still loves everyone.”

If you’re thinking that this move might be motivated by Dark Horse’s success in translating its properties into other media (“Hellboy” being a prime example), Remender isn’t going to try and dissuade you of that notion. “Obviously, Dark Horse is a powerhouse in this area. I’d be a liar if I said this wasn’t one of the motivations in the move,” he admitted.

Actual PR in the jump which adds that Dark horse will be re-releasing the first FEAR AGENT collection which originally came out from Image.

It’s been over a year since the world first met Heath Huston, a first class drunk and interplanetary alien exterminator. Now, after gathering a successful following of readers, Rick Remender’s Fear Agent comes to Dark Horse.

Break-out talent, Rick Remender (Strange Girl, Sea of Red) teams with Eisner nominated artist Tony Moore (The Walking Dead, Exterminators) and Russ Manning award winner Jerome Opena (Lone) to tell the story of the last of the Fear Agents, the band of Texans who once defended Earth form an onslaught of alien annihilation. Fear Agent is the story of a man stripped of all that he loved; his home, his family, and his world. These days, Heath Houston spends his hours with only his ship’s onboard computer system and a bottle of whiskey to keep him company, putting himself in constant danger for low wages and little thanks.

“We’re all very excited to see Fear Agent become a part of the Dark Horse creator-owned line. Sitting besides such esteemed titles as The Goon, Hellboy, and Sin City is quite an honor.” said Remender. “Between Tony Moore and I ramping up to work on the origin of the Fear Agents and Jerome Opena and I hard at work on Heath Huston’s ongoing adventures, we’ll continue to rocket Sci-Fi forward with everyone’s favorite drunken alien exterminator at the helm.”

“Being able to return to the series in alternating arcs with the brilliant Jerome Opena and having the full support of Dark Horse is a dream come true. Everyone plans on bringing their absolute “A” game as Fear Agent readers have come to expect.” remarked Tony Moore.

“I did my first work for Dark Horse on Lone and it’ll be great to work with them again. Everyone has been super supportive and incredibly enthusiastic about Fear Agent.” sang Jerome Opena.

This coming February Dark Horse will be reprinting the first trade paperback collection originally released by Image Comics as well as the first edition of volume 2, with the series picking up again in it’s monthly form later in the spring.