In an interview with Brian Truitt over at USA Today, Peter Milligan has been announced as the new writer for Shadowman. He’ll join current artist Roberto De La Torre on the series.


If things had seemed quiet over in the Milligan camp for maybe a week after the writer’s runs on Stormwatch and Red Lanterns ended, things have certainly immediately raced back, with new projects at Vertigo, Dynamite, and now Valiant all in the works. It looks as though he’s no longer focusing on superhero work at DC, and has instead moved on to more left-field projects.

In the interview he describes the new arc of Shadowman, which will begin with issue 13, thus:

We’re going for something that combines the high-drama aspects of a darker mainstream book with the post-punk weird and psychologically edgy qualities of Vertigo…. I’m not throwing everything out with the bath water — I’m just making the bath water a bit more grimy and, hopefully, unpleasant

The arc will see Shadowman – Jack Boniface – plagued by the worry that when he goes to sleep, the voodoo loa which gives him power may be using his body to do terrible crimes. He’ll investigate. Perhaps most excitingly (and I have to admit I am a massive Milligan fan) is the news that, because the Shadowman series hasn’t yet established the rules of magic and voodoo…. Peter Milligan is going to invent some.

Ohboy. Find more over at USA Today.


  1. Shadow an has easily been the weakest of the valiant books. I’ll hope back on if we get ‘good’ Milligan

  2. I don’t know, this is the kind of stuff that is why I didn’t get the original Shadowman. I’ll have to wait and see.

  3. I currently collect Shadowman, and do enjoy some of Milligan’s work….so it’s an easy choice for me! It should be great…

  4. Shadowman is the weakest for me as well since it seems to be unsure of what kind of book it should be. I am sure that is due to the shift in writers but I do think that is hurting it overall.

    Not sure I like the description he gave but I will give it the first issue to see how I like it.

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