The Hugo Awards were hosted last night – and hosted by no less than comics and TV writer Paul Cornell. An awards ceremony focusing across a range of different media, two of the awards on the night went to comic properties


Saga continued to win everything it’s ever been nominated for by picking up the award for Best Graphic Story, beating Bryan Talbot’s Grandville Bete Noire, Locke & Key’s fifth volume, Saucer Country’s first volume and Schlock Mercenary: Random Access Memorabilia by Howard Tayler and Travis Walton. 

(But, if Paul Cornell was disappointed not to win for Saucer Country, he at least picked up best fancast later in the evening for SF Squeefest!)

The Avengers won Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form, which mere mortals tend to refer to as ‘films’. Writer/Director Joss Whedon was the credited recipient for the award.

Held at the LonestarCon last night, 1848 ballot votes were received – and you can find a full list of winners over at the Hugo Awards’ website.


  1. Actually, no, SAGA literally did *not* “pick up” a Hugo. Neither the writer, nor the artist, nor the publisher, nor any designated recipient, showed up to acknowledge the award in any way.

    Joss Whedon did ask his friend Steven H Silver to accept and sent a short apology and acceptance speech.

  2. Paul did a very good job hosting the awards and he stands a good chance of being nominated next year for the second volume of Saucer Country (they had a special exhibit of the art process for it at the convention) and possibly his novel London Falling. The correct name for what he did win the award for is the SF Squeecast with a number of other SF/F authors.

    It was somewhat sad to see that they weren’t able to get anything from BKV or Fiona Staples, though. I remember when I chaired the 2006 Nebulas where Joss was awarded Best Screenplay for Serenity, we tried to get something from him to read, but didn’t have anything. That was remedied for the WorldCon where they sent Morena Baccarin there to accept. As with Joss’s Nebula award, many people appear to have gotten pictures holding his Hugo award this year before it got packed up to be sent off to his agency.

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