§ DragonCon was this weekend and yes, there was amazing and wonderful cosplay. Attendance was given as 57,000.

There was also a dude who went as Hitler, which is gross.

This woman went to DragonCon and it was her first ever con, and thought it was a lot of fun and the costumes were amazing, but there was a bit of an odd smell.

This writer also found evidence of a smell:

2. George “Space Ghost” Lowe, scribbling on a glossy photograph in the well-trafficked Walk of Fame ballroom: “This place smells like Tang, chlorine and (passed gas).”

Skepchick had their table shut down after they were accused of selling merch that didn’t have to do with their own company at their table. it sounds a bit confusing, but I can see why that that rule was in place. However, it sounds like the rule wasn’t implemented very clearly.

§ There was also cosplay at this weekend con in Singapore—and it included Pizza Dog.

§ Ben Hansom got a digital copy of The (In)Complete Zenith and reviewed it.

§ Lady Gaga is going to be in Sin City 2, meaning now she is a real nerdlebrity!

§ A labor day tribute to SF and fantasy characters doing the Rosie the Riveter pose.


§ In Brooklyn, there is now an 80 ft. long wall covered with an Octopus drawn by Yuko Shimizu . I was about to give up on NYC but now I’m not so sure.

§ Graeme McMillan reviews the cinema heroes of summer past.


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