Peter Bagge is prolific and hilarious, a very good combination in a cartoonist. He’s been running short one page historical comic strips in recent issues of Dark Horse Presents and his own series Apocalypse Nerd, and these will be collected in the one shot Founding Fathers Funnies. Bagge is all over the humor of the great people who founded our great nation, and i’m sure it goes beyond cherry trees, kites and wooden false teeth.

“I find myself laughing out loud whenever I read of their foibles, especially when their oversized egos clashed,” says Bagge, a multiple Harvey Award winner and Inkpot Award recipient.

In short, this pairs well with Kate Beaton.

Bagge’s past work includes the recent Margaret Sanger bio, and his classic Hate and Buddy Bradley comics.

Founding Fathers Funnies is in stores February 24, 2016- you can preorder it via these fine outlets: | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound | Local Comics Store



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