Paper Rocket is one of the thriving micropublishers now on the scene; it’s run by Robyn Chapman, herself a mighty fine cartoonist, and she’s set it up in what looks like a sustainable way: running very modest Kickstarters to fund printing and then selling at shows, via the Paper Rocket website and indie distributor Tony Shenton.

The newest Paper Rocket book is Star Fruit by Gretta Johnson. The Kickstarter is for a mere $400—nearly half already raised—and the book will debut at SPX.

Johnson is a RISD graduate with a background in animation, who uses multi media to tell “a surreal story in 32 technicolor pages. Star Fruit stars a nude woman and her cat, both on a strange journey in which they encounter a witch and a magical fruit.”

Witch, cat, fruit, nude woman—sounds like a crowd pleaser.

Previous Paper Rocket releases include books by Jesse Reklaw and Ariel Bordeaux. One of the perks gets you all the releases, if you’re so inclined.


While I’m plugging Robyn’s work, she also has an Etsy store where she sells cool jewelry made from comics. I have one and whenever I wear it I get compliments so check it out.