It turns out the drama- and deficit-plagued Spider-man Broadway musical wasn’t enough to turn Marvel off live theatrical events. Thus they are launching ‘The Marvel Experience’ in 2014, a $30 million “interactive road show with a “4D motion ride” and high-tech attractions featuring Marvel’s most popular superheroes.” It’s a joint venture between Marvel and something called Hero Ventures.

The Marvel Experience is built to be an immersive, first-person story set in the Marvel Universe of heroes and villains. Its “big top” will be a traveling dome complex approximately the size of two football fields, with digitally projected animation, origin stories told through motion comics, virtual-reality and holographic simulations and even integrated social media adding to the all-ages entertainment.

Sean Haran, Marvel vice president of business development, said to expect “a transformative, traveling destination that will deliver to fans and families an exciting, groundbreaking and unique experience.”

This sounds pretty groundbreaking since we haven’t even found the fourth dimension yet, even in motion comics.

DC has had success with its Batman Live touring show, which looked like a cross between Julie Taymor and Cesar Romero. Given the news that Thor is coming to Disneyland, it’s no surprise that Marvel/Disney is taking their show on the road. But please, please don’t use the term motion comics again.

[Photo via the Orlando Informer.]


  1. sounds cool — I wonder if they would/could leave space for local dealers/retailers under the ‘Big Top’ — make it a traveling Marvel Con.

    Now I will have a nightmare based on “Something Wicked This Way Comes” in which Marvel comes to town and Agatha Harkness flies around on a tornado.

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