Based on this trippy preview, we’d say probably.

This stage show opens July 19th in the UK, and arrives in America in 2012.

Via Kevin Melrose.


  1. Damn good question and THANK YOU for asking it…
    I saw Taymor’s SPIDERMAN. The stage productions I’ve seen from Julie Taymor contain elements of unprecedented theatrical design. A fusion of multicultural theatre and performance styles, as well as, an understanding for technical design and cinema (FRIDA, 2002).
    The teaser video for BATMAN LIVE, to its credit, isn’t framed so it really evokes the experience of seeing it in the theater. While I predicate my conclusion with the reality of how criticism of theatre demands SEEING a live performance, I will say that what I saw seems like a bad imitation of Taymor’s artistry. From the neon color scheme, to the “wire work,” but most of all, the Joker reveal rips off the Nutcracker Suite and then moves into a Suzuki-Noh-Hip-Hop dance number. It looked like Taymor on opiates and bad shrooms.
    I’d see BATMAN LIVE. However, I would bet money on Julie Taymor blowing peoples’ minds with something better in the near future. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    In the meantime, I’m with #TeamTaymor and #TeamArtaud advocating for a fusion of theatre and comics. Thanks for asking this question, Heidi!! ~Gidgie