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All the hirings and promotions from the last month: everywhere from...

Gagliano's Random House Graphic imprint staffs up with Leopard and Crotty.

On The Scene: Artists go interactive at Funhouse

On March 24 and 25, the Drawing Center and Desert Island collaborated to produce Funhouse, an experimental book fair with a carnival theme

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits: How to break into comics and how to...

  § Nice Art: 13th Dimension has reprinted the ENTIRE story by Faith Erin Hicks from the Attack on Titan anthology. § Lots of news and...

RIPE kicked off the year in comic arts festivals

While the mainstream comics world was getting reaquainted and dusting off their drinking pants at Emerald City this weekend, the year in CAFS also kicked off in Providence, RI with RIPE, the Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo. Now in it's second year, this is a show in a town with a solid comics history and within driving distance of lots of other scenes. Robyn Chapman, cartoonist, First Second editor, and Tiny Report mastermind, has a report on the show, and she had me w2ith the first photo above. Was this expo held in a Greek temple to the sun god Apollo??? No, just the Providence Public Library.

Take the Micro Press Survey!

Robyn Chapman's excellent The Tiny Report blog is the Publishers Weekly for micro presses and each year she does a publishing survey with information on sales and distrbution. The new one is ready to be taken


Here's a new website that anyone who care's about the continuing evolution of comics should bookmark and heck regularly: The Tiny Report, a news...

Paper Rocket launches Gretta Johnson’s Star Fruit

Paper Rocket is one of the thriving micropublishers now on the scene; it's run by Robyn Chapman, herself a mighty fine cartoonist, and she's...

FILM REVIEW: CARTOON COLLEGE Gets Under the Skin of Making Comics

Representing comics production in popular culture has long been missing a piece of the puzzle. We’ve had excellent documentaries about ground-breaking creators like Will...

Comings and goings at Abrams and Lerner with Burrell and Chapman

Some recent publishing moves: Carol Burell, formerly editorial director at the Graphic Universe division of Lerner Publishing, ankled the company to join Abrams Comic Arts as an editor last month. As editor, Burell took a small educational publisher's comic line and grew it to produce both outstanding original comics (Guinea Pig) and great international pick-ups (the much lauded Little White Duck: A Childhood in China.) Basically she was there as children's comic became a growing market and helped Lerner become a player in the field. At Abrams, the powerhouse publisher of Wimpy Kid and My Friend Dahmer, she's in a position to do even more. We won't lie: Carol is one of our favorite comics people and this was a fantastic move for Abrams.