Hallmark Cards has always been geek-friendly, from selling Peanuts greeting cards in the 70s (and cards designed by MAD’s Paul Coker!), to offering Star Trek Christmas ornaments since 1991, to dozens of licenses currently (Disney! Star Wars! NFL! Animal House! The Walking Dead!)!

They had a long line wrapped around their booth, as fans could meet-and-greet Hallmark artisans, and purchase show exclusives.  I had to slip through the line to get to the many cubicles showcasing various licenses and knick-knacks. The oddest moment for me during the show was when I turned to cross the line once more, and saw an Ewok patiently waiting in line! 

These are “Squeelys“. Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Batman. (There’s also: Flash, Superman, Aquaman, and Captain Kirk.)
No listing online yet for these classic designs!
Personalized storybooks! (I hope Benjamin doesn’t end up like Jason! Read it online and find out!)
Scroll down for the Marvel versions!
These are “itty bittys” plush dolls. There are male versions as well, in a variety of fandoms. (Who is that to Rey’s right? Hippolyta?)
More books, including…
…. a mix-and-match, pop-up book!
That’s a cool calendar!
Some of the latest Star Trek ornaments. Yeah… that gold-plated Enterprise is sweet… it would make a great hood ornament! (Oooh… it plays the opening from TOS!)
Since Krampus when Hollywood, Saint Nicholas has been searching for a replacement