The Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have been through a lot together these last few months.  By working together, they’ve managed to stop Atrocitus from turning Earth into a Red Lantern battery, but new threats loom on the horizon.  The Phantom Ring, a mysterious and powerful artifact, has drawn new enemies to the Lanterns’ doorstep. Will Simon and Jessica be able to stop them?

Check out our exclusive preview of Green Lanterns #9, the start to “The Phantom Ring” arc, after the jump!  Click an image to enlarge it.

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Robson Rocha

Colorist: Blond

“THE PHANTOM RING” part one! Uncover the mystery of the powerful Phantom Ring that forced a Guardian of the Universe to hide away in the deepest recess of space. Will Simon and Jessica be able to prevent a universe of power-hungry invaders from claiming the new ring for their own?


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