Regular Beat readers know we’re huge fans of The Nib, the non-fiction comics site run by political cartoonist Matt Bors. You can imagine they’ve had no dearth of fodder in this election campaign. And Ruben Bolling (Tom the Dancing Bug) has just launched a new DAILY strip called “Donald and John” which parodies a certain 80s classic strip to tell the story of “a boy presidential candidate and his imaginary publicist.” And now that think about it, Hilary IS Susie Derkins.

Also, First Look Media (which runs The Nib) has signed a deal with Producer Dan Powell (Inside Amy Schumer) and the first project is a series of animated shorts, also called The Nib.

The Nib animated series will bring in in a number of artists and writers from Bors’ site, as well as his own work.
“There will be a lot of different Nib contributors making appearances, along with new artists and new writers,” Bors tells WW. “And of course, my work will be a regular part of the series as well.”