New York Comic-con may well be the first convention in history to sell out before a single fan has been let in. The Saturday of the show is SOLD OUT, as in there are no more advance tickets available. We heard that tickets for Saturday were selling for $75 on eBay but haven’t seen the listings ourselves.

However, since you can walk up to even a sold out concert and get a ticket if the price is right, we know that some New Yorkers will be showing up on Saturday without a ticket anyway. Will they get in?

We asked NYCC organizer Greg Topalian this directly. He says that the capacity of the show is around 50K. Are they expecting that many people? He declined to give any prediction of attendance but said that like last year he was quietly optimistic. As for buying tickets on site Saturday, it will be up to the Fire Marshal. At noon, Saturday there is a POSSIBILITY that tickets will be released for sale IF the Fire Marshal says it is safe. IF.

So…should you line up? This is New York so people will line up no matter what. There are no guarantees that any tickets will be sold, and the line will be monitored closely. Anyone who was there last year knows that the state police who have jurisdiction at Javits won’t let any funny business go down. So…please, whatever you do, act sane, stay safe and just don’t be a jerk. If there’s any good karma for tickets to be had, that’s the only way to make it happen.