Looking at this slideshow from a PHILADELPHIA TV station looking at the New York Comic-con you begin to see just why everyone wants to cover it: so pervy photogs can take pictures of half naked girls and cute anime chicks.

Meanwhile, Vertical’s Anne Ishii delivers the final word in a MUST READ NY Comic-Con 2007 Report:

My problem ain’t the fans though. Seriously. I am as inclined to argue with a DM over my wizard powers as I am to sit in a conference room discussing market share. My problem, was the idiots. Like the dude who tried to “steal” Vertical’s giveaway tote bags. I had to pretend I couldn’t see him, though being three feet away from me, wearing a bright green lantern shirt and tip-toeing like a pansy are details hard to miss. I mean c’mon. If you want a tote bag, the least you can do is make eye contact with me. You don’t gots ta jank that, dawg.

Also, the convention floor is NOT the place to hit on an exhibitor. And even if you felt like you had to, the way to do it is NOT by taking my business card without asking, giving me yours without my wanting it, and saying “I want you to call me,” make sexual eye contact, and then walking away backwards while maintaining that eye contact. Friend- unless you played Batman in any of his last three big screen incarnations, I will never call you.


  1. Cosplay was pretty much dismissed from the public mainstream eye as being stupid and silly until anime became popular in mainstream America and now you have… “attractive” women who cosplay too… and now everybody wants pics…

    *sighs* >.>;;;

  2. I think we need a little sense of perspective here. Out of the 20 photos on that site less than half contained women and only two could be construed as skimpy costumes. I am sure this is a small element of these conventions but this like conspiracy people after a while who see ulterior motives to even the most inane things. If you only focus on one thing all your sensory input will reconfirm your preconcieved notions. If you look hard enough and believe all men are out to exploit and degrade women than that is all you will see.