Mopping up yet more images, thoughts and generational moments from NYCC ’07.

The New York Observer weighs in with a sharply written piece that captures much of the vibe:

“This is penetration!” said Stephen Colbert, as he pointed to a poster of himself as Tek Jansen, the hero of a soon-to-be-released comic book. It was Friday afternoon, and he was sitting in a booth on the third floor of the convention center, delivering a few choice Colbertisms before signing a bunch of autographs.

“To hell with television. This lasts forever” he said. “You can’t put a television in a clear plastic wrapper and put it in your collection. This, you can!”

The fans cheered, hollered, hooted. One woman asked him to sign a pair of pink I ❤ New York underwear—which he did—then left clutching them.

Clutching was a common motion at the Comic Con.

Even better, Michael Kupperman captures it in pictures for the Observer:

Img 1346Chrispoint
§ Chris Duffy introduces the Nickelodeon Comic Carousel at NYCC.

Img 2926
§ Trish Mulvihill captures the chicken-headed hijinks at the DCU party on Thursday.

§ ComicMix captures David Letterman’s goofing on the con.


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