[Unbelievably, in all the rush these photos were supposed to be posted on Saturday, and they weren’t. Oh well.]

Not much chance to take pictures on Friday alas, so these are even more random than usual.
Img 0122
Looking out from the rear of Artist’s Alley, through Podcaster’s Alley.

Img 0124
Molly Crabapple and friend.

Img 0127
We spotted Scott Lobdell and Rob Liefeld. Rob is one of the Beat’s biggest fans and we always appreciate his kind words.

Img 0128
System of a Down guy’s drum kit!

Img 0134
At MoCCA, Stan is interviewed.

Img 0137
Several cast members from WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO showed up at the Stan Lee opening. Here’s Jim Salicrup, Fat Mama, and MoCCA President Ken Wong.


  1. I knew Scott Lobdell before he made it big!

    Next time you see him, ask him if he still walks barefoot thru the woods or drinks chocolate milk at the Croton Reservoir.

    Then ask him about his stand-up routine…