You’ll notice Frank Miller hasn’t been making many of the 300 festivities around the world — that’s because he’s at home recuperating from serious hip and leg injuries, according to EW. Miller did talk to Steve Daly about the Spirit movie a little:
“I’ve written a first draft of the screenplay. I’m working on the second draft, and it’s shaping up really good. It’s taken a while to get over the initial jitters, but it always does.The main focus I have is to write and direct a Spirit that captures a lot of the flavor of [creator Will] Eisner… but that doesn’t feel like nostalgia at all. Spirit fans often develop a rather cloudy memory of it, and think of it as this happy-go-lucky strip.


  1. Thanks for the updates…so many, can’t comment on them all, but I do enjoy your reports! Thanks for the timely updates and I like your style of writing.

  2. Yeah, the thing, Frank, is our “cloudy memory” has kind of been bolstered and often confirmed by the huge number of reprints (from KSP and, more recently, DC). There’s a lot of action and violence, sure, but the humor and humanity are what made the Spirit different–and popular.

    I’m just not sure Miller understands the strip any better than he thinks we “fans” do.

  3. I have a simple solution for Mr Miller: buy the new Spirit book from DC. Darwyn Cooke’s doing exactly what Miller states, and he’s doing it well. It’s already my favorite currently-published comic book!

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