Not content with Action Comics, Dynamite, Doctor Who (NEVER Dr) and 2000AD, writer Andy Diggle was today announced as the third writer for Image’s Thief of Thieves. Run like a TV serial – and currently planned to be an actual TV serial – the premise of the series was created by Robert Kirkman, who acts as a showrunner for the book. While he doesn’t actually write the series, he plots out the story with a series of writers, with a different writer handling each new arc. Meanwhile, artist Shawn Martinbrough will remain in charge of pencilling the series.

Diggle will be the third writer to take on the series so far, after Nick Spencer kicked the series off earlier this year. Currently, the book is in the hands of James Asmus. A heist thriller, the book centres on Conrad Paulson, a successful thief/heist expert who decides to quit his job on the eve of the biggest gig. The book’s been well received so far, leaving Diggle with quite the reputation to live up to here. The thing is? As far as I can tell, he still has one more comic to announce. Phew!


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