By: Henry Barajas

As you all know this is my first time in the big city and this is a great and valuable experience.  Growing up I have read countless books, comics and watched many movies that gave me the idea I have of New York.  Brian’s work was the main reason why I wanted to visit New York.  I knew this NYCC trip wouldn’t be complete unless I attended the Brian Wood & Dark Horse: From World’s End to the Galaxy’s Beginnings panel.
Jeremy Atkins, director of Public Relations at Dark Horse and panel moderator started off with an amusing story about the women’s bathroom.  It was the first time while attending a comic book convention Atkins has seen a line for the women’s bathroom and not the men’s.  It has shown how far comics have come in gaining new female readership and Wood deserves some of the credit for that.
They discussed his work on Conan the Barbarian and the future of the book. Brian says the story will have about a 25 issue run.  It revolves around the love story with Conan and Belit and if you have ever picked up a Conan book it’s unlike any story you’ve seen before.  Everyone can relate to challenges in a common relationship that struggles with culture clashes, self-doubt and betrayal.  It’s a different take on the character but expect to see Brian’s “Northlanders” in the coming issues.
Jeremy also praised Sierra Hahn, The Massive editor and the unsung hero on the book.  At the end of the panel Hahn was giving out promotional posters that featured the variant covers by Rafael Grampa.  The Massive left me begging for more and thankfully will be returning; issues four and five will be friendly jumping on points for the series.  Someone asked how he came up with the book and surprisingly enough the television show ‘Whale Wars’ was a big influence.  Some asked Brian how to sell The Massive because you can’t nail the premise of the book in one sentence much like his other books.  Brian’s answer and one sentence pitch for the book is environmentalist that fails to save the world.
Brian’s highly anticipated Star Wars comic book with art by Carlos d’Anda will debut in early 2013 and revolve around the core cast from “A New Hope”. It takes place immediately after the Death Star blows up.  Brian says this is his opportunity to tell the story from traumatic events that eighteen year old Leia experienced that were never addressed before.  It takes place when Leia and Luke don’t know they are related and even before Darth Vader and Luke’s first encounter. Brian was at a Star Wars convention and the attendees he spoke with were under the assumption that Brian was going to disregard any continuity but episode four. Wood said what he really meant was that “in the character’s minds, the other films haven’t happen yet.”
The panel ended with a question pertaining to my favorite Minx (a now defunct DC teen readers’ imprint) series Brian wrote that was illustrated by Ryan KellyNew York Four.  Someone in the audience asked if there will be a ‘New York Six’ in the near future. Unfortunately Wood says the chances are unlikely until he regains the rights back from DC.  If DC is reading this, please give him the rights back. I desperately want to watch Riley make more mistakes and have grandchildren.

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