And the transmedia streak continues.  Valiant has confirmed the Deadline| Hollywood report to me that a Shadowman film is indeed in pre-production.

Deadline reports:

Valiant Entertainment and The Mummy producer Sean Daniel are teaming up to turn the Valiant Comic Shadowman into a live action feature. They’ve made a deal with J. Michael Straczynski to write the script.

Daniels actually has a pretty eclectic set of producer credits.  Besides all the films in the Mummy franchise, he’s got Dazed and Confused, Tombstone, The Jackal and even Mallrats on his resume.

If you’re on this site, you already know who JMS is.  He’s very much in demand for screenplays right now and his Changeling screenplay is highly regarded.

This is apparently part of a slate of films that Valiant would like to fund and develop internally — which is to say be like Marvel Studios.

Bloodshot is already set up at Sony with Mathew Vaughn producing and Kick Ass 2’s Jeff Wadlow writing the script.

It certainly appears Valiant isn’t wasting a lot of time going after the big screen…