DC Super Hero Girls has a splashy display at the entrance to the exhibit hall and today’s panel revealed more about the toys and publishing as part of the program, including a new animated short, a new theme songs “Get Your Cape On” (which was accompanied by the panelists wearing blye capes), Mattel’s action figures, and a line of DC Comics graphic novel and Random House Children’s Books middle-grade novel series.  

Speaking of those toys, according to Bloomberg, this could be a big shot in the arm for Mattel:

Kim has in her possession what Mattel sees as a groundbreaking idea, one that could help end the years of malaise that sunk its sales and stock price and sent the company’s last chief executive packing. But even more important is that this may mean the toymaker has reconnected with its most important customer: little girls.

For the shield is not Captain America’s—it belongs to Wonder Woman. And it’s a Wonder Woman designed by women for girls, not one crafted by men for boys. To show what a huge difference that makes, Kim picks up examples of the top-heavy Wonder Women and Batgirl action figures found on shelves today. “Beautiful, but really sexualized,” Kim says. “There’s a very direct emphasis on a womanly part.”

Before you say “Up is down!” this is sort of Monster High with a different milieu. But, hey, age appropriate Super Girl at long last.


Unfortunately we weren’t at the panel and details are sketchy so we’ll have more on how the comics end of this is rolling out later. 



  1. What’s not to like about this? I’d love to get one of those ‘Girls Rule’ shirts for my niece. Does anyone know if those are available anywhere?

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