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Dear diary, today New York Comic Con was really really crowded. 

The end. 

Seriously this was THURSDAY?? I guess every year we forgot how crowded it was last year or else it really was insane today because today was insane for a Thursday. I got there in the morning and there was a long line from the subway to the entrance. Even with a badge you had to go through bag check although that moved faster than expected. The line I was in moved very slowly and it turned out this one dude was actually confiscating all kinds of stuff — including beer!

Inside…it was the usual madhouse. Every exhibitor I talked to said there had been insane crowds, and there was such a big crowd around Grumpy Cat (surprise) that security guards had to tell everyone in the aisle “To keep moving and don’t stare at the cat.”

The ICv2 White Paper Happy Hour was very well attended and quite collegial. Check out Publishers Weekly for my report on the White Paper, but tl;dr, things are a bit soft but overall many positive growth channels. 

The hometown show is always a pain in the ass, but the new subway stop is truly a godsend. Instead of a $20 cab ride, it was 12 minutes on the subway. So convenient. And the show begins on the 7, as a small child in a Batgirl costume was getting her photo taken. 


With a show of NYCC’s size and density in some ways its even harder to get a handle on what’s going down than with San Diego. Every panel I went to was full, although the rule seems to be that once a panel has started no one is allowed in the room even when there are seats inside? I heard this from a few people. Also the free Lexcorp wifi was jammed most of the time. Nothing new there,, but you could write our own jokes about evil schemes. 

NYCC is such a huge and vast show that it kind of runs under its own steam now. And there is a lot of steam. More Later. 




  1. i don’t know. i figure once you see the crowds on the peak of the con on saturday, in the lobby that look like something out of world war z (crowds of people climbing over each other in an endless sea of humanity), it’s a sight one does not soon forget. yeah, i know, people aren’t actually climbing over each other, but man , that’s how it looks. besides the hard as hell time it is getting VIP tickets to this show, the larger every year crowds also make this show a show i don’t mind missing, but to each his/her own. if going to a mosh pit dressed up as a comic book show is your thing, who am i to complain. just be careful and have fun.
    oh, and why sneak beer into the show, they usually sell beer down in the commissary.

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