§ Hank Kanalz has been promoted to Senior VP-Digital of DC Comics, it was announced at this morning’s DC Nation panel. He was formerly the VP-general manager of the now-shuttered WildStorm imprint, but he’ll be moving to Burbank.

§ Ape Entertainment has licensed Strawberry Shortcake to go along with Richie Rich.


§ Brian Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming will team on TAKIO, an all-ages kid superhero book.




§ Bendis and Alex Maleev will reboot MOON KNIGHT.


§ Marvel’s reintroduction of the CrossGen universe was teased with the name “Mark Waid” and an image of RUSE, his well-received mystery/adventure book from that publisher.

More art from Marvel’s various panels over the weekend below — sorry if we can’t sort ’em out.





  1. Moon Knight seems to be a character who hangs around because of his visual appeal. A writer sees him drawn in striking poses, thinks, “Man, I want to do a story about him!” Then, after a story or two met with tepid reactions from readers, he finds that Moon Knight is an empty shell, who doesn’t do anything that other, more established characters don’t do.


  2. “More established characters”? Moon Knight is 35 years old!

    Which is a lot younger than Batman (do a Web search on Moon Knight and Batman clone), for example. Writers have tried doing horror stories with him. Englehart developed the connection to Khonshu skillfully in WEST COAST AVENGERS, but what would he have done after Spector inevitably declared his independence?

    Given the number of times, Moon Knight has failed to find an audience, there’s no reason to use him anymore. In the first SECRET AVENGERS arc, Moon Knight did practically nothing, and he’ll do practically nothing again. Anyone with a dynamic power outclasses him.


  3. I’ve always liked MOON KNIGHT … he’s a great character with great potential, if only someone knew how to use him. Doug Moench and Bill Sinkeiwicz had a terrific series going … once they left, Moon Knight became a rather generic super-hero.

    I’ve found the same problem with DAREDEVIL. Frank Miller established it as a crime/hero series. He returned twice, each time treating DAREDEVIL as a sort of hardboiled filmnoir character. As soon as Miller was gone, the next creative team would open the doors for the costumed villains again — and Daredevil always had one of the lamest rogues gallery, anyway.

    Moon Knight is not an established character because he isn’t as old as Batman? Using that criteria, very few characters can be considered an established character, but they are indeed established.