How they developed the Epic Mickey game and why Oswald the Rabbit is so important.


  1. There are quite a few copyrights that Disney does not own. The biggest one, after Oswald, is the soundtrack to “Pinocchio”, which includes the Disney Studios’ signature theme, “When You Wish Upon A Star”. Disney did not have a record division then, and the early soundtracks are copyrighted currently with Bourne Music.

    There are also some Disney titles in the Golden Records catalog, before Disneyland Records was established. That catalog was sold before the recent acquisition of Golden Books by Random House. I suspect Disney owns the copyright, but the publisher retains publishing rights of some sort.

    I do not know who owns the copyright to Al Michaels.

  2. 1.-Bright Lights,1928):
    o – Oswald – Bright Lights.avi

    2.-Trolley Troubles,1927): – Oswald – Trolley Troubles.avi

    3.-Oh, Teacher,1927): – Oswald – Oh Teacher.avi

    4.-The Mechanical Cow,1927): – Oswald – The Mechanical Cow.avi
    o – Oswald – The Mechanical Cow.mpg

    5.-Great Guns,1927): – Oswald – Great Guns!.avi

    6.-All Wet,1927): – Oswald – All Wet.avi

    7.-The Ocean Hop,1927): – Oswald – The Ocean Hop.avi

    8.-Rival Romeos,1928): – Oswald – Rival Romeos.avi

    9.-Ozzie of the Mounted,1928): – Oswald – Ozzie of the Mounted.avi

    10.-Oh What a Knight,1928): – Oswald – Oh What a Knight.avi

    11.-Sky Scrappers,1928): – Oswald – Sky Scrappers.avi

    12.-The Fox Chase,1928): – Oswald – The Fox Chase.avi

    13.-Tall Timber,1928): – Oswald – Tall Timber.avi

    14.-Yanky Clippers (1929): – Oswald – Yanky Clippers.mpg

    15.-Oil’s Well (1929):

    16.-Permanent Wave (1929):

    17.The Singing Sap (1930):

    18.-Alaska (1930):

    19.-Hell’s Heels (1930):

    20.-Spooks (1930):

    21.-Grandma’s Pet (1932):

    22.-Confidence (1933):

    23.-Merry Old Soul (1933):

    24.-Toyland Premiere (1934):

    25.-Beach Combers (1936):

    26.-Gopher Trouble (1936):

    27.-Carnival Capers (1932)
    28.-Five and Dime (1933)
    29.-Wax Works (1934)
    30.-Springtime Serenade (1935)
    31.-Puppet Show (1936):
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  3. -Africa (1930):

    -Alaska (1930):

    -Oil’s Well (1929):

    -Permanent Wave (1929):

    -The Singing Sap (1930):

    -Yanky Clippers (1929):

    -Beach Combers (1936):

    -Towne Hall Follies (1935):

    -Five and Dime (1933):

    -Ham and Eggs (1933):

    -Hell’s Heels (1930):

    -Grandma’s Pet (1932):’s_pet_DVDRip.XviD-moonsong.avi

    -Bright Lights (1928):

    -Oh What a Knight (1928):

    -Trolley Troubles (1927):

    -The Merry Old Soul (1933):

    -Confidence (1933):

    -Rivals Romeos (1928):

    -The Ocean Hop (1927):

    -Great Guns (1927):

    -Oh Teacher (1927):

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