Announcements from today’s Vertigo panel — more at at Graphic Content.

§ Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is writing a GN called GET JIRO (no Gyro) which will be co written by novelist Joel Rose ( Kill Kill Faster Faster, La Pacifica) with art by Langdon Foss (Heavy Metal).

GET JIRO! is a futuristic action thriller that takes America’s newfound obsession with exotic cuisine to a manic, violent extreme. It takes place in a world where food and the secrets of how to prepare it are the source of all power leading master chefs to fight over Jiro, a mysterious top-notch sushi chef with ideas of his own.

§ Leslie Klinger, who wrote The Annotated Sherlock Holmes and The Annotated Dracula, is working onTHE ANNOTATED SANDMAN and run four volumes.

§ Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly are reteaming for THE NEW YORK FIVE, which was originally meant to be a Minx graphic novel but will now appear as a 4-issue miniseries that will be a full 32 pages with no ads.

There’s nothing more exciting than college life in the big city, but you never know what’s around the next corner. In THE NEW YORK FIVE, Riley’s sister Angie is making a name in the Lower East Side with her new band, and now Riley is the black sheep of the family. Lona’s murky past appears to have been hiding an alarming proficiency for stalkerism, and Merissa and Ren are about to confront uncomfortable situations involving older men. But who is the “five” in THE NEW YORK FIVE?

§ Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, the award winning team behind 100 BULLETS and WEDNESDAY COMICS’ Batman story, are reuniting on a top secret Vertigo project for 2011.


  1. Get Jiro also sounds like it could have been inspired by a couple of decades working in the restaurant and food industry.