The series billed as “the comic you always wanted” will now be a little easier to buy. Newsweek reports that writer Aubrey Sitterson and California-based comics retailer Collector’s Paradise have set up a special subscription service for Sitterson and artist Fico Ossio’s new Dark Horse series, No One Left to Fight. The service will allow customers who want physical copies of the series to preorder all five issues, which will come signed by Sitterson, as well as two other tiered packages that include extras signed by both Sitterson and Ossio.
The goal of the service, according to Sitterson, is to make the book more readily available to readers who don’t have a comic shop near them:

“My audience may not live near a comic book store. In large swaths of the country there’s just not a local shop. You have to drive 40 miles to find a shop.”

According to Newsweek, Sitterson offered a similar option for customers to preorder his most recent graphic novel, The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling.
While this is billed as a subscription service, it’s worth noting that customers will only receive one package in the mail, once the final issue of the series has been released, as opposed to one issue each month like you would expect from a typical subscription service.
This model is an interesting way to ensure people who want physical copies of the comic are able to get them, even if they have to wait five months for all of them to hit stores. And, of course, people who simply want to read the book can still get digital copies of each issue through Comixology or directly from Dark Horse via the publisher’s website.
No One Left to Fight #1 is scheduled for release on July 3rd.