I know you were wondering to yourself, “When is Alex Ross going to do a variant cover for Marvel’s reprints of MIRACLEMAN?” I KNOW you were so don’t try to hide it.

The answer is: May! With issue #5 of the reprint series, Alex Ross has given MM a fantastic dragon suit that would not look out of place even in a snowboarding or skiing tourney.

“There are few comics in the history of the medium that reach the heights of Miracleman,” says Marvel SVP of Sales & Marketing David Gabriel in a statement. “Thankfully there are few artists in the business that as renowned as Alex Ross and we’re thrilled to have him contribute such a stunningly beautiful cover.”
Additional Variant Covers by
JIM CHEUNG & HUMBERTO RAMOS Variants Also Available!
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  1. It must have been a late night at the studio. I thought they were organ tattoos till I made out a dragon thing inside there. Not his best.
    I can’t collect MiracleMan anymore at $5 a pop until I find it at the library as a trade with the expected cheap binding to finish up what I read.
    Marvel can never be simple. Their first instinct is to gimmick up everything. All the nice work they did with the restoration inside is just carnivaled up somehow in trying to turn this marketing opportunity.

    I don’t think its working especially to a very new audience. It would have been better if it was 3 stories in one book each at $2.99 with no padding, no gimmicks.

  2. I know some folks are complaining about the high price per issue, but to me it’s not so bad. 5 bucks an issue for one of the best comic stories ever, not to mention the extras. Well, okay, I don’t much care for the Original Golden-Age MM Stories, but Moore’s Warpsmith stories are excellent and not so easy for most folks to find. I may not fit the typical customer profile, though, since I buy no other Marvel books and only Astro City from DC… in other words, maybe the money I’m saving from not buying any other Big 2 books makes the cost of MM seem okay.

  3. One of Alex Ross’ earliest comics stories (right after “The Terminator”) was:
    Miracleman: Apocrypha #3, “Wishing on a Star” (February 1992)

    Compare and contrast, as they say…

  4. I am in complete agreement with “johnrobiethecat” assessment of what Marvel comics is doing with the re-publication of the Miracle man stories. This kind of marketing is more of a disincentive for me to purchase these books. I totally understand Marvel’s thinking in what they are doing, but I am voicing my disagreement with my wallet.
    I owned all the original Eclipse Miracle man comic books and many of the Warrior magazines. Read everything and enjoyed it, so I can wait a year or two or five until it is repackaged in a format that I prefer to purchase.
    Unfortunately my local retailer was disappointed when I explained why I would not be purchasing that title or the new Sandman title (for similar reasons).

  5. First I have seen of this: Alex Ross producing gorgeous artwork as usual. I would have thought the beast was a Qys, and possibly shown in reflection on MM, rather than a dragon suit (can’t see the relevance of a dragon here).

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