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Hold on to your pogs. Dark Horse has just released a preview of ELTINGVILLE CLUB #1 by Evan Dorkin the first part of a 2-issue mini series that does for the members of what True Detective episode 8 did for Rust and Marty.

And from reading these pages you can see that Dorkin’s satire is as painful, pointed and accurate as ever.

In an interview at Newsarama, Dorkin talks about wrapping up the series:

Dorkin: The four Eltingville members are based partially on real people, guys I was friends with growing up on Staten Island, we played D&D and went to see horror movies every weekend and read comics and didn’t go to the prom. Josh is a composite of two people, Pete is based on a friend of mine to a degree and also stands in for a certain kind of Staten Island resident, Jerry is a mix of several people. Bill is closest to me, which is sad, because he’s a sociopath, but all the characters come out of me to a degree, obviously I’m the geek wellspring for them even if I don’t act like them.

Another can’t wait!


  1. Those pages NEED to be seen big and hi-rez, just to catch all the text jokes: a bootleg cosporn titled “League of Extra-Horny Genital-Men.” I mean, COME ONNNNN

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