When you have a team-up of serial killer stalker Cassie Hack and demon fighter Ash Williams only one art style suggests itself: cutecore! Thus it is with Ken Haeser’s covers for the first two issues of the Dynamite/Image team-up, especially th eone that channels an iconic moment of Peanuts.


#1 – After the events of the HACK/SLASH series, Cassie Hack is doing her best to live a normal life. But a Deadite attack forces Cassie back into action and this time, she’s not alone! Meet Cassie’s new partner: Ashley J. Williams! Can the pair keep from killing each other long enough to quest for the stolen pages from the Book of the Dead?  Will Ash get some sugar?  Or will Cassie make him kiss it?  It’s the horror mash-up that fans demanded!

AODvsHS2 cover mock.jpg

#2 – Ash and his new partner Cassie Hack are on the trial of missing pages of the NECRONOMICON and their first case leads them to a prison shower, naked deadites, and an evil double! Can Cassie and Ash stand each other long enough to deal with Bad Mahesh? A bloody, twisted ride starring two of horrors greatest monster-mashing icons!