Robert Downey Jr. and Friend showed up on Wall St. this morning to ring the opening bell for the NY Stock Exchange, a time-honored PR/photo op. But somehow the idea of multi-millionaire industrialist Tony Stark showing up on the Street isn’t quite so far-fetched, is it?


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  1. Nice.
    However… I’m not trying to nitpick, but I’ve seen some better iron man cosplay at conventions. In the third photo it appears that some of the plastic parts are just stuck on the biceps.

    But yes, this is a nice photo op and true that that the billionaire industrialist Tony Stark fits well into this environment. Well done.

  2. Well, if we don’t go to see Iron Man 3 in 3D IMAX, then that’ll be something like $15.50 that we can keep in our own pockets, and the “1%” (really it’s more like 4%) won’t get. I mean really, we empower them (still not sure who they are after all these years) when we give them our money, right? How good could it be, that I can’t wait for it to come out on FX or whatever? I’m just going to stay home with a library book, or play with my kids in the back yard. I’ve got some paints and clay that cost about as much as that ticket, at a mom and pop art store. Maybe, I’ll sculpt my own superhero and make up a story. Could be fun. Then again, so could going to the movies. If enough people go, then there could be an Iron Man 4 and we could all go again. Might mean jobs for some film makers and crew. That’s always a good thing. Now, I’m just musing. What was the question, again? HOLD ON! If that’s Tony Stark, then who’s in the Iron Man costume? You never see Clark Kent and Superman at the stock market together. If I was in California, I’d check the Man Chines for them, though. I’m hungry.

  3. The movie costume that the actors wear is made of latex.
    I sure something similar could be cast in plastic, then plated.

    Hmmm… the Mandalorian Mercs cosplay like the 501st, but with more leeway on design.
    Might we see something similar for Iron Man, perhaps the “Iron Man Marks”?

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