Have I ever told you I love http://afuchan.tumblr.com/? Maybe I have but let’s say it again: I love Afu Chan! His art has the popular post-Moebius line mixed with action packed layouts and weirdly angled figures that are just irresistible and his character designs are gorgeous. It’s surprising he hasn’t gotten a lot more attention, but his output has been rather limited. I loved his work on Spera and his illustrations, and now he’s back with HaloGen, written by Spera’s Josh Tierney ; Giannis Milonogiannis (Prophet, Old City Blues) is a co-creator of the series and contributes covers.

The book, as you might guess from the title, is SF:

In HaloGen, there’s a rumor on Cityship Q that the gigantic body of a dead god was found floating in space. Rell, an agent working for the HaloGen organization, is tasked with finding the location of the god and retrieving it by any means necessary. Using her ability to form hyper-realistic holograms, Rell is about to take on the first mission she might not be able to finish.

The four issue mini is from Archaia, and goes on sales in March 4th. Variant covers are by Ramón K. Pérez (Hawkeye, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand), and Milonogiannis.

Spera was a very enjoyable fantasy webcomic that featured some of the best artists around (Emily Carroll, Kyla Vanderklugt, Hwei, Cécile Brun, Luke Pearson, Leela Wagner) and this looks to be another very stylish book.


HaloGen#1 10 Years Incentive Cover by Ramón K. Pérez (full wraparound shown)


HaloGen #1 Incentive Cover by Giannis Milonogiannis