A new issue of SAGA is out today and that will undoubtedly be cause for rejoicing among many readers. Over on her Tumblr, artist Fiona Staples has been posting the covers through issue #16 and here for your edification they all are.




I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not, but each of these covers is not only a striking design, but captures a relationship between two cast members—some known, some unknown, such as #16, which shows two characters introduced (I think) in #13. It’s a measure of how much we like these characters that the emotions of these covers (like Marco and Alanna’s passionate clinch on #15—something long missing in all the fleeing and fighting they’ve been doing so far in the series) are so striking.

It’s SAGA’s rare blend of talents—Vaughan’s sharp characterization and Staples’ great character designs—that gives these covers so much impact.


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