Finland—home of saunas, heavy metal, fish pies…and mobile game design. It must be all the coffee they drink. Next Games is one of Finland’s newest game studios, comprised of veterans from Rovio and other studios, and they’ve just launched Compass Point: West, a 3D game set in the Wild West which ties together mobile game play, card collecting, and now a comic book from IDW. Yee haw!

“In Compass Point: West we draw inspiration from the unbelievably rich Wild West theme. The game boasts fascinating characters and lots of humor combined with stunning 3D graphics and an original card collecting mechanic at its heart. This setting lends itself very well to other entertainment formats beyond games such as the gorgeous comic by IDW Publishing”, said Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO, Next Games.


The comic will be available worldwide through multiple platforms including Apple iBooks and Google Play or on the web. Obviously, comics based on games have had a big impact in recent years—IDW’s Angry Birds comics, Dark Horse’s Plants. vs Zombies, and Dynamite’s Doodle Jump comics being prime examples. (The Beat is currently enthralled with PvZ, but it’s about time for a new game, so we’ll check this one out.)

“IDW has been developing the Compass Point: West  comic since very early in the game’s development, and we’ve enjoyed creating characters and backstories in a way that extends the game’s world,” stated Ted Adams, IDW CEO & Publisher. “The Next Games team has a long-range plan that we’re proud to be a part of.”

Next Games has three more games on tap, but you can download Compass Point West now for iOs and Android, or check out the trailer below.