Shock reverberates around the internet, as the latest two teasers from Marvel not only features full images alongside one-word teasers — but one of them actually dares to feature a SECOND word in the image. The unmitigated gall!


First up is Journey Into Mystery, which looks like it’ll be introducing a giant wolf (is there a Fenris character in the Marvel Universe? There must be) to the book as a new opponent for Sif’s madcap nonstop rampage to supreme warriorhood. New artist Matteo Scalera will be handling the second arc, which looks like it’ll be bringing in many of the more familiar Asgardian characters into Kathryn Immonen’s series.


Secondly, apparently Dave Johnston started drawing this image for Avengers Arena at 10pm Wednesday evening and finished it at 9am on Thursday (!), and Marvel immediately made it available to the general public. Showing X-23, Hazmat, Nico Minoru (one day without hair conditioner and it all goes to hell) and Darkhawk positioned as the faces of a sinister board game, it teases the second arc for the book. Kev Walker will continue on as artist for the series, because Kev Walker is unstoppable and cannot ever be replaced.


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