DC have sent out some preview pages for Green Arrow #17, the first issue drawn by Andrea Sorrentino (fresh from a lengthy run on I, Vampire) and written by Jeff Lemire (who wore the same shirt as me once when I went to a convention, and we were both deeply embarrassed about it). I know on the polls which were run earlier this week you voted against press releases and such, but pretty art trumps all!

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment!:


The story, which starts next week, sees Green Arrow faced with a competitive villain who is a superior archer to him in every way. Sadly he’s not called ‘Greener’ Arrow, but instead Komodo, and Lemire teases that the character will be linked in some way to Green Arrow’s father.

Sorrentino is an excellent artist, and his work on I, Vampire was expressive and very very different to anything else. His layouts and breakdown of individual panels were superb. I can’t find out who the inker is – is it Sorrentino himself? I think it might be?




  1. Wow. I didn’t want to pick this up, but I’m going to have to now. Between Lemire being the writer (which I was on the cusp about) to Sorrentino’s beautiful artowrk I simply can’t say no.

  2. “That Jae-Lee style?” Come on man, that is great art work, no buts about it. Plus Jae Lee is awesome too.

  3. Yeah, not a fan of that “muddy” style of art either, but if it brings in more readers to GA I’ll put up with it.

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