The buildup to Fox-Marvel’s Fantastic Four has been incredibly quiet compared to the way that the Disney-Marvel typically advertises their superhero beat-em-ups.  The film releases on August 7th, and so far we’ve gotten two trailers and now this TV Spot, which demonstrates how far CGI has come since 2005.  We still know very little about the plot, although it seems like the film is going to spend a sizable chunk of time building up to the accident that causes Marvel’s first family to gain their powers.

I understand why Fox is choosing to be cautious with this film given how strongly they were lambasted by filmgoers after 2007’s Rise of the Silver Surfer.  That said, the understated ad campaign isn’t doing the film any favors as it displays a lack of confidence in the content.  From the limited amount of content we’ve seen so far, the film looks fine.  It might even have the potential to be great.  It’d be nice if Fox’s attitude reflected their faith in that possibility.


  1. let me give you an example of how bad things are for this flick. a few weeks back when i went to see the avengers flick at my local alamo movie theater with the wife, as we were sitting through the coming attractions, the upcoming star wars trailer came on. after it was over you could hear the audience buzzing with excitement over the movie. next up the F.F. trailer came on. after it was over , dead silence. you could hear a mouse fart. i leaned over to my wife and whispered “this is not a good sign. this looks bad, and what the hell did that mouse have for lunch?”( i made up that last line :) ). a friend of mine told me of a similar reaction when he went to the movies and saw the F.F. trailer. maybe fox sees the writing on the wall and has decided to cut their losses by limiting the amount of promotion the film receives.

  2. Is this the most hated super-hero movie yet? Amount of mental gymnastics about how this shows lack of confidence and anecdotal evidence from reactions to adverts are getting out of hand.

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