After 36 years, Jim Henson‘s The Dark Crystal is getting a prequel. And when the eight-episode series premieres later this month, viewers will see what happened during “The Darkening,” an event that altered the mythical world of Thra forever. Now that the Skeksis and the Mystics have arrived, everything has changed — and the Gelflings have no choice but to take up arms if they want to save the planet and themselves, in the latest The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance trailer from Netflix.

The new trailer, released Tuesday, fills in some of the missing details from previous teasers and trailers. After a vision reveals that the Skeksis are lying about their intentions for the Crystal of Hope, the Gelflings appear to form an alliance with the Podlings as they gear up for an all-out war. Meanwhile, the Skeksis continue to gain power from the Crystal, and their own knowledge of the prophecy puts their focus on the only creatures who can stop them: the Gelflings.

We also see Aughra, who played an integral role in the film when she provided Jen with the piece he needed to heal the Crystal and save Thra. Also: the Skeksis? Still terrifying.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance expands the world of Jim Henson‘s 1982 film, with a script by Will Matthews and Jeffrey Addis. According to Lisa Henson and director Louis Letterier, the most advanced technology used in the series is green screen, which wasn’t available in 1982. The puppets are not advanced by CGI.

Check out the latest trailer below and be sure to catch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance when it hits Netflix on August 30.