Netflix has released a new trailer for The Old Guard. The film adaptation of the Image Comics series by Greg RuckaLeandro FernándezDaniela Miwa, and Jodi Wynne stars Charlize TheronKiKi Layne, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, and is written by Rucka and directed by Gina Prince-Bythwood.

The movie follows Theron’s Andy as she finds and recruits Layne’s Nile Freeman to become another member for the team of mercenaries she leads. They all also happen to be more or less immortal, able to heal from most injuries, though they never know when that’s going to run out.

From the trailer, it looks like this movie follows the plot of the first five-issue Old Guard miniseries fairly closely, with Nile’s recruitment coming just in time for the team to be betrayed by one of their contacts (Ejiofor’s Copley), who has come to suspect the truth about the team. The miniseries is a brisk, entertaining read, with beautifully-rendered action from Fernández and Miwa, and an interesting exploration of the price of immortality. A collection of the first miniseries is available now, with a collection of sequel series, The Old Guard: Force Multiplied, coming later this year.

Check back soon for our review of the film adaptation of The Old Guard. It debuts on Netflix next Friday, July 10th.