Respect Films new documentary following Neil Gaiman’s life and work and Ocean at the End of the Lane tour is called Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously. The movie was made over the last few years with NEil’s cooperation. Director Patrick Meaney also made the Image Revolution, Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts and Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods documentaries, and Respect Films produced She Makes Comics, Marissa Stotter documentary on women’s role in comics history.

And now, Deadline tells us, the Gaiman film will be available on Vimeo starting on July 8th.

Gaiman’s story is told in his own worlds as well as through interviews with close friends/collaborators Terry Pratchett, Bill Hader, Michael Sheen, Lenny Henry, Wil Wheaton, Stoya, JH Williams III, Lev Grossman, Brea Grant, Merrilee Heifetz, Charles Brownstein, Sam Kieth, Jill Thompson, Colleen Doran as well as his chats with George RR Martin, Jonathan Ross, John Barrowman, Grant Morrison and Phillip Pullman. It can be pre-ordered.

Created by Respect Films’ director/producer and editor Patrick Meaney and Jordan Rennert (producer/DP), the film will be available for pre-order on Vimeo. The film was also produced by Cat Mihos and Morgan Peter Brown and co-produced by Sequart and executive produced by Geoff Notkin. Other films by Respect Films include She Makes Comics (recently sold to XLRator) and The Image Revolution (which sold to Shout! Factory).

Disclosure: I’m a staple talking head in the Respect Films oeuvre and recorded a bit for Dream Dangerously. Did I make the cut? I’ll soon find out!

Here’s the first look at the movie: