If you are a fan of bizarre, pseudo-naive comics which actually reveal the terrors and struggles of our very subconscious in fantastic form—and who isn’t?—then you are already are wise to Fletcher Hanks, the obscure yet beloved cartoonist whose rare work was lauded in RAW magazine and collected in two books from Fantagraphics, I Shall Destroy All The Civilized Planets! and You Shall Die by Your Own Evil Creation!, both curated by Paul Karasik. Loopy and cosmic, brutish and yet profound, its easy to see why Hanks’ work is a cult favorite.

But for those Fletcher Hanks completists, you can finally get a tchotchke! Goldenagefigurines.com, a new collectible company dedicated to Golden Age comics, has released a hand-painted polyrsein figurine of Stardust the Super Wizard, holding aloft the head of his enemy, “Master-Mind” De Structo.

This figure was the subject of an unsuccessful Kickstarter last year, so we’re thrilled to see that the creators were undaunted by that setback and have given the world the Stardust statue it deserves. (That said, this Stardust is a bit more heroic looking that Hanks’ disturbingly simplistic version.)

Priced at $27.95, the figurine is 1/21 scale and stands 4.3″ tall (Ealemoss size) and comes in three versions:the standard Grey Boots Edition (180 pieces produced); Yellow Boots Edition (75 pieces); and Red Boots Edition (45 pieces – almost sold out). Each variant has its own label, is individually numbered, and comes in a custom full color box. Details on buying it here.

We’re told Golden Age Figurines plans several more releases from the gonzo era of superheroes, including the figurines of other Hanks creation Fantomah, Mystery Woman of the Jungle, The Black Terror (both seen below); and Basil Wolverton’s Spacehawk.










  1. I love Fletcher Hanks and i would want these even though i’m not into collecting statues, figurines, or toys and stuff. just to have it on my desk and when ever people ask about it an have an excuse to geek out about him. Now they need to make a White Boy set of figurines and I’ll be square.

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