As if it wasn’t bad enough that Johnny Ryan and Dave Cooper are tainting our nation’s youth, now it’s possible that the horrific influence of Mark Millar might spew its evil dark cloud over the innocents. Kindergarten Heroes, a kids book that Millar wrote and Curtis Tiegs illustrated, has been optioned by Fox, with Carter Blanchard (Glimmer, Sky Hunter) writing the script and Simon Kinberg producing. It’s a switch in tone from previous outings in the Millar Cinematic Universe, Wanted and Kick-Ass, where broken teeth were more the norm. Millar has a bit more on the book non his forum:

As you can see in the article, this is a live-action movie based on the children’s book I put together with Curtis Tiegs a year or two back, planned as a franchise from Fox with the mighty Kinberg on producer duties. White-hot screenwriter Carter Blanchard is doing the screenplay, snapped up by Spielberg for his most recent gig, and this is all looking very cool indeed.
Curtis, the artist and co-owner of the book, is my 50/50 partner on the movie too. I’m very proud to say I met him here on the Millarworld boards where, like a lot of you guys, I was wowed by his super-cool art.

The book was announced earlier in the year but has not been published yet, so we can’t tell you anything about it except that it’s set at a kindergarten and has a superhero theme.

Milllar is currently embedded at Fox as their “superhero guru” where he advises them on how to make X-Men movies. So a pick up of another Millarworld book at the studio isn’t that surprising.