Our own Zainab Ahktar has scoped out the arrival of a new Blacksad book. It’s called AMARILLO and it has obvious allusions to the great American Coming Of Age Ritual: driving across the country in an ace vehicle. Zainab gave a rough translation of the blurb:

‘John Blacksad is tired of all the violence and misery around him, so he decides to take his time before returning home. Luck seems to smile on him when a stranger hires him to deliver his car, a brand new Cadillac Eldorado model, from New Orleans to Tulsa. But the south roads are as dusty as they are unpredictable, and Blacksad unwittingly finds himself driving from one end of the US to another, in order to solve a murder involving biker parades, lawyers, writers and even a bloody circus!’

Written by Juan Díaz Canales with art by Juanjo Guarnido, Blacksad can probably be said to be one of Europe’s one of popular and acclaimed comics, and its recent Eisner wins show it’s pretty acclaimed here, too. Combining anthropomorphic hardboiled detective stories with some of the most gorgeous artwork in contemporary comics, its easy to see why.

Dark Horse publishes Blacksad in the US, but we’ll probably have a wait a bit for Amarillo to be translated.