It’s been quite a long time since we checked in on Michael George, comic shop owner, convention runner and accused murderer. Convicted once in 2008 of killing his wife Barbara in 1990, a judge has upheld the defense’s request for a new trial and George’s bond has just been reduced from $2.5 million to $500K. With bond approved, instead of rotting in jail while waiting for a new trial, George would be forced to wear a tether and confined to specific, court-mandated areas.

Meanwhile a second trial is coming up, following a judge’s ruling that prosecutors held back evidence in the first trial:

The motion to lower George’s bond was filed one day after the Michigan Court of Appeals released a ruling May 5 that said Biernat did not abuse his discretion in determining that George was entitled to a second trial after his defense lawyers said they discovered new evidence that could point to another killer.

The Macomb County Prosecutors Office is planning to appeal that decision to the Michigan Supreme Court.


  1. This really breaks my heart. Michael George was one of the few comic convention promoters that always seemed put publishers and creators above profits. He was just a great guy to do business with. He treated little guys with the same respect as the big guys. I always had a blast at Pittsburgh Con and have a lot of fond memories of those shows in the 90’s.

    I’m not saying he’s guilty or innocent, just that this whole affair is so sad. I hope that he IS innocent.