GIRL COMICS #2 is out this week (a little late) and Faith Erin Hicks’ Wolverine comic provides a pleasing preview.


  1. Really captures the spirit of the great X-Men/New Mutants stories of the late 70’s eary 80’s. Reminds me of what good YA fiction X-Men was back in the day.

  2. Nice work! I second Jay’s comment. I really think the X-Men work best when humor is involved, it can get a bit too angst ridden and moody for my tastes sometimes.

  3. If you can’t portray Wolverine properly then don’t portray him and the X-Men at all. Ninjas at the supermarket? Are you joking? He only eats Canadian eggs? That is truly sad. I would think by now that people would know enough about Wolverine and the X-Men to portray them correctly in whatever medium they are used in. Being a long time fan of the comic books, I don’t appreciate Wolverine or the X-Men, being used as the butt of someone’s arty joke.

  4. heh, Canadian eggs and ninjas, what else could you ask for? and yes, it would be difficult to follow nightcrawler or beast in the bathroom line. :(

  5. Looks like some people take this just a bit too seriously, eh?

    I thought it was a great story, with wit and great art! I’m definitely fond of Hicks’ work!