Hitting theaters on May 18th, the highly anticipated sequel to 2016’s smash-hit Deadpool has a couple of new introductions to make…the first of which is Josh Brolin bringing Nathan Summers aka Cable to life for the first time.

It wouldn’t be Deadpool marketing without some meta-fun there in the middle. And Brolin looks to be a nicely antagonistic addition to the franchise.

I need more Domino though, stat! A big summer of Liefeld is coming your way, kids, especially if that FXX animated Deadpool series hits this year as planned.

This thing is going to be huge.


  1. Love Reynolds and the Van Wilder humour!!!

    AND this kind of filmmaking is a money grab and is often doomed to fail. Whenever some original work finds it’s way into this world or is created that is inspired and fun and then money grubbing producers copy that and amp up all the good points that people loved the first time, usually winds up being crapola IMO. There are a few exceptions perhaps but mostly not. Aliens is often called an exception but I think it was crap if compared to the original film.

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